Why is Markight the best choice for your E-Commerce Retention Marketing?

Easy to use

Accelerate and facilitate the process of KPI Monitoring by aggregating and visualizing different sources of business data

Clarify the decisions

Benefit from data science technology to classify your target market customers and make data-driven decisions for each customer segment

Optimize sales

Optimize your sales strategy by considering factors such as price, previous sales, product categories and tracking your customers’ behavior

Effective marketing

Evaluate previous campaigns effectiveness through customers buying behavior analysis and plan data-driven retention marketing campaigns

How Markight Works?





Why retention marketing is vital to your success?

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of buyers consider themselves to be loyal to a brand after five or more purchases
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Increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by a minimum of 25%
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Returning customers spend an average of 33% more on every order than other customers

integrated with top E-Commerce platforms

Identify customers’ needs. Analyze their behavior and design campaigns so as to raise business profit and using prominent E-Commerce platforms, implement the campaigns.

Five integrations – E-Commerce, analytics, communication, API

Intelligent merging and corrections

Synchronizing stored data and implementing effective marketing campaigns