Measure the Pulse of Your Business by Getting Reports on KPIs that Matter

Don’t waste so much time and resources on gathering data to build reports. Utilize Markight’s self-service panel to measure your progress on different business KPIs, on the day-to-day basis.

KPI Monitoring

Tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) guides a business towards making the best decisions for better sales and profit, but getting access to day-to-day reports that are actionable often involves using a lot of resources for data gathering and visualization.

What are the challenges of marketing managers for getting reports?

Lack of access to different sources of data
The time consuming nature of data visualization
The complexity of monitoring business performance
How can Markight KPI Monitoring Help?

How can Markight KPI Monitoring Help?

In competitive markets wherein results ultimately stem from the right activities, business and marketing managers cannot afford to simply rely on the end of the month sales reports to take action. Markight’s KPI Monitoring panel simplifies the process of tracking business performance, and turns complex data and metrics into understandable visuals. If you want to make data-driven decisions for your business, the first step is to have easy access to data. Markight provides you with a dashboard that is simple yet comprehensive. With the help of Markight’s artificial intelligence, all your data is converted into simple visuals and graphs that can be used to gain insight about your business in order to make better decisions.

Trends Analytics

Trends Analytics:

Markight strives to save your time. By turning complex data into simple reports on KPIs that matter, it helps you gain insight about trends in your business and its performance, facilitating data-driven decision making.

  • View the number of orders registered in a specific time period visually
  • Check two KPIs simultaneously over the same period of time
  • Compare performance indicators over different time periods
  • Unlock the mysteries behind your data and gain actionable insight


Advanced Analysis Using Various Filters

You know your business objectives and factors that matter in your business better than anyone else. As a result no one knows what filters can provide a better analysis of your business performance better than you. So get started and build your own filters to get a unique report of your business based on your particular needs and objectives. This feature allows you to analyze your data quickly based on different filters including geographical regions, customer segments, purchase amount and others.

Share Your Insight with Your Team

With Markight, you can simply extract and share information through exporting any data in CSV format, and any image or graph in PNG format to be used in presentation files. As a marketing or business manager, this will enable you to report easily on KPIs and share invaluable insight with your team to make data-driven decisions that will help push your business forward.

Are you ready to make your business data-driven?