From More Reliable Predictions to More Calculated Futures

With the help of artificial intelligence, analyze your customers’ past buying behavior to predict the future and develop more effective business strategies for your success.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analysis

You must have heard; “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” We believe tracking and analyzing the past is the key to never repeating it. So, we offer an opportunity to track your customers’ post-purchase behavior in the past to help you implement effective strategies today in order to avoid losing them in the future.

What are the challenges of managers to develop a long-term strategy?

Lack of access to past data
Complexity of understanding consumer behavior
Complexity of predicting consumer behavior in the future
How can Markight Predictive and Prescriptive Analysis Help?

How can Markight Predictive and Prescriptive Analysis Help?

As often dubbed, “The past is the light of the future.” Markight analyzes post-purchase behavior in the past to predict customer behavior in the future, effectively illuminating your path to success. With the help of artificial intelligence, Markight analyzes your customers’ past buying behavior, providing models aimed at predicting future behavior to help you develop data-driven, smart strategies and optimize your marketing, advertising and promotional strategies and campaigns.

Churn Prediction

Using data, algorithms and machine learning, this tool predicts customer churn before it occurs. To benefit from this feature, you can select a specific time period or customer segment to answer questions such as:

  • Will my customers churn in the next x days?
  • Which customer segment is likely to churn in the next x days?
This Markight tool can help indicate customer churn based on past behavior and trends, helping you make decisions for the future through analyzing past experiences and patterns. To do this, Markight designs a specific algorithm for each business and carries it forward using artificial neural networks. Customer churn prediction is an indispensable tool for your ecommerce business to devise smarter customer retention strategies that can change the future of your business.

Time between Purchases

Time between Purchases

Based on your customers’ purchase behavior in the past, this analysis examines the average customer repurchase rate for the second, third, and subsequent purchases to predict their future buying patterns. With the help of this, you can identify customers with the following characteristics:

  • Customers on the verge of churning
  • Customers on the verge of purchasing
  • Customers with an extended time gap between their purchases
  • Customers with a short time gap between their purchases
Using this analysis, you can understand the time gap between purchases, and can therefore plan for the best timing to market your products to your customers.

Product Bundling

One of the most useful methods to increase sales is product bundling. Markight enables you to choose a product, and view which other products have a better chance of selling with that product. This feature provides you with indispensable analytics about product bundling, upselling, cross-selling and product assortment. By using Markight’s product bundling feature and implementing subsequent strategies, you can increase the sales of your products while providing a more optimal customer experience.

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